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Murder/Mystery Dinners

To add more entertainment options for our guests, in 2013 we made the decision to produce murder/mystery diners throughout the Mahoning Valley area. These dinners are held at various venues and we plan on repeating the themes every/other year. The following is the list of themes we have produced in the past (or are in the process of producing).

'Till Death Do We Part

This murder/mystery dinner is based on a "Mock" wedding reception where you come as a guest to the reception of Sophia Gallo and Glenn Biskar. During the reception, some mischief takes places and you must gather all of the clues to help solve the crime.

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Mystery at the Workshop

Mystery at the Workshop

Santa has a problem this year, and he needs your help. He is in jeopardy of falling behind and not making his deadline for the delivery of gifts to billions of children in the world. Something or someone keeps sabotaging the workshop and there have been several delays which have made the workers miss several deadlines.

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The Irish Wake of Paddy O'Malley

This murder/mystery dinner is based on a the Irish wake of Paddy O'Malley. Paddy's long time friend Seamus has been asked to make all of the preparations and arrangements for this festive night; however, as the evening unfolds, we find out that Paddy's luck had finally run out and there may have been some foul play involved in his demise.

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