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About Our Tours and Dinners

More Than Just Haunted Houses

More than just haunted houses

Many people who we talk to think that our ghost tours are just visits to haunted houses or something that you would experience during the Halloween season. Maybe it is the name, maybe it is just the concepts and misconceptions that people perceive from the graphic that we use; however, nothing can be further from the truth.

At Dark Shadow Ghost Tours we bring together, history, paranormal claims, and the general public all together to provide a night that is not only entertaining, but educational as well. The places that we tour are locations that have “actual” paranormal activity claims. Most of these locations have had paranormal investigations performed in the past.

The main concept behind our tours is that we share with you “the general public” the experiences of a real paranormal investigator. We cover the history, we cover the paranormal claims, and we show you how to look for paranormal evidence. Furthermore, we show you how to document your findings and you become part of the (Paranormal Activity Network Investigation Center) database.

With all of this experience in mind, what trip is complete without some souvenirs? This is where our sponsors come in. Each person on our tour will receive a tour T-shirt and a swag bag containing information from our sponsors. Some of these items have included; Investigative journals from, pens from Dark Shadow Ghost Tours, Flashlights form Mark Cole Agency, Personalized photograph from, and your very own Dark Shadow Ghost Tours Glenn the Ghost.

At Dark Shadow Ghost tours, we strive to make each tour an exciting and memorable experience for everyone on the trip, and we hope to see you out on tour with us.

Our Tours

About our tours

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours are designed to provide historical, educational, and paranormal related entertainment to all guests. Yes, when you go on a tour with us, you are our guest for the evening and we will do everything in our power to treat you as a guest.

All of our tours will include the following:

  • A 10-15 minute overview about the website. We will show you some examples of our research and explain the on-line database itself. You, as a guest of the tour, will have the ability to contribute your personal experiences to the database. We will also cover some of things you may experience during the trip and how to document them.
  • A 15-20 minute historical presentation about the location we are about to tour. This can be done either before we leave or on the tour bus. This is so that all guests are familiar with the location and what to watch for while on-site.
  • Transportation to the location if the location is more than 30 minutes from the Mahoning Valley. We have partnered with Fab-U-Less Tours to provide a group bus to the locations.
  • Refreshments, coffee, and water during the night. On most tours we will provide snacks on the way back from the location.
  • Entertainment during the bus trip. If we have an extended ride, we will provide entertainment in the way of group games and multimedia to and from the location. The theme of the entertainment will be geared toward the location.
  • Items included with your ticket: A tour t-shirt (every tour member will get a tour T-shirt with the date and location of the tour), a paranormal investigation journal guide with pen, information pertaining to the location (i.e. brochure, maps, etc.), and itinerary or agenda for the evening, information from our sponsors.

If you would like to find out more about the locations that we tour, please view our Tour Locations page.


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