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Tour Reviews Explained

Tour Evaluation and Review Process

Being in the field of paranormal research, one of the things that we always try to do as we travel this great country of ours is to find some location where we can perform a research trip. We call these research trips for different reasons, but mainly so that we can tie our paranormal websites into regular daily business activities. As we go on research trips, we will be reviewing various ghost tours and posting our experiences for others. You are always allowed to agree or disagree with our findings, but after being on several ghost tours and promoting our own, there are certain things that we look for and believe that make a tour valuable and worth doing again.

Rating Process

We will be rating the tours in different categories on a scale of 1 to 5. We will call these "Glenn" points with one being the lowest and five being the greatest.

The different categories are as follows:

  • Ease in purchasing tickets or making reservations - How easy or hard was it to get tickets.
  • Tour popularity - Was there a lot of people on the tour.
  • Knowledge of Tour Guide - Did the tour guide know their information, or are they just reciting a memorized script?
  • Story Telling - How are the stories presented, are they interesting stories, are they believable stores?
  • Paranormal Experiences - This is a hard one to review, since paranormal activity does not always occur, so we really cannot count it against the tour; however, are there any? Do we experience anything paranormal?
  • Customer Service - How well does the tour company handle their customer service?
  • Pace of Tour - Do they keep the tour moving or do they move too fast?
  • Would we take the tour again and would we recommend the tour to others - Self explanatory

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