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Using Our Dinners as a Fundraiser

In 2014, we put together a program that will allow group to use our dinners as a fundraising event. By combining efforts and working on the production of the dinner together, you will be able to offer something a little different for your community, while having an extremely successful fundraiser for your group.

How We Can Help

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours has produced several successful and sold out tours and dinners. We have built a following of over 7000 fans and we offer a night of excitement and entertainment that cannot be matched with any other production company in this area.

By providing the production and coordination of your event, we can take the worries off of you and let you focus on providing great customer service to your guests, as well as, generating some great income for your group.

Why murder/mystery dinners?

Why Murder/Mystery Dinner? The answer is simple. It is just something different. A lot of people do not like change, but when it comes to entertainment and relaxing, they do like something just a little different. Although our dinners are murder/mystery related, there is underlying humor involved as well.

Our guests have ended each of our dinners in the past by asking us when we were going to put on the next one, and that is our goal. We want them to come back to the next one. We have been extremely successful and have worked out all of the kinks when it comes to providing an evening of entertainment. Your guests will not be disappointed.

Available Themes

As part of the Dark Shadow Ghost Tours team is a writer and director that can help create any type of custom themed murder/mystery dinner for your needs to meet your event. We can also offer ideas based on dinners we have performed in the past or dinners that we have in our catalog that we have not produced yet. Either way, each dinner is produced within the same manner, or even if we used the same theme in the past, we always change the outcome so that the same result is never duplicated.

More Information

To get started with our project it is quite simple. Please download the information packet and review our projected budget for a large dinner.

Part of your group's responsibilities will be to get sponsors for the dinner. These sponsors range from super sponsors to ads in the "Playbill". To see some of these ads, we are providing a sample "Playbill" that was used at a previous dinner:

A sample of a playbill cover

A sample of a playbill inside

If you want additional information and to get started, you can contact us using the contact us form, or call the number on page 11 within the packet.


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